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Why JPro New York:
A Message from Mark Young


Mark S. Young is the Director of JResponse at JCC Association and North America and the author of Bless Our Workforce: Changing the Way We Manage Our People. Mark served as on the board of AJP-NYC (now JPro New York) from 2011-2016, served as board chair from 2012-2014, and served on JPro Network Continental Board from 2013-2021.

Reflecting On JPRO New York – Mark S. Young (9.15.21)


I began my journey with Advancing Jewish Professionals of NYC, now JPro New York, back in 2004. I was 23, only a year into the field, and attended a morning breakfast with Ruth Messinger, then the CEO of the American Jewish World Service. I met such terrific fellow Jewish community professionals there, many of which encouraged me to apply to the grad school program they were in (MPA/MA in public administration and Judaic studies from NYU), which I later enrolled in and graduated from. It was in attending JPro New York events that year that helped me realize my career passion to serve and lead as a Jewish community professional.


Fast forward to 2010, when I returned to JPro, attending professional development events with colleagues and learning from talented facilitators such as Deb Grayson Riegel and Lyn Light Geller. In that year I was asked to join the AJP-NYC board, and a year later became the board chair, serving for two years leading our local group efforts, hosting “breakfasts with the execs” with the likes of John Ruskay and Cindy Chazan and social evenings at the Jewish Museum. JPro gave me the opportunity to lead and learn effective leadership, and I am forever grateful and indebted to the lasting friendships I have made and skills I have learned.


Fast forward to 2021, just ending my 8 years of service on the JPro Network Continental Board, including supporting all local groups as JPro local groups chair. Reflecting on nearly two decades involved in JPro New York and JPro Network, I have learned that coming together as a field and as a community, strengthens us individually – giving us essential skills, relationships, and perspectives for our careers to thrive, and as a community, allowing colleagues to learn from each other, organizations to run more effectively, and for us as a field of professionals to feel heard, valued, and invested in.


I am forever grateful to my time in JPro and what it has given me. I hope you’ll engage with JPro New York, what you will experience and gain will be invaluable.

Mark S. Young 

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